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Grand Tour Somerset

Trip details

Join GTC on our annual Sportive Event - here on our home patch, riding on our fave roads, over our fave hills, and ahem, right past some of our favourite cafes. You have 2x choices - 80 mile and 107 mile...you'll need to keep up the pace to get all the way around this 107 mile wonder ride and don't be thinking the 80 mile is a baby brother either...still plenty of challenging terrain whichever course you choose. Including the majesty of the Mendips, the Quality of the Quantocks, the Exquisiteness of Exmoor, and the ... oh you know - the downright dastardly final climb up on to the Blackdowns - this is a true test of grit and determination. Four classic ranges of hills, and some truly epic riding...


Guide Price: 29 Duration: 1
Min Age: 18 Max Age: na
Max Altitude: 391m Fitness Level: Fitness Level 4.0/5Fitness Level 4.0/5Fitness Level 4.0/5Fitness Level 4.0/5Fitness Level 4.0/5 
Distance: 107 miles & 80 miles    
Next Departure:   Total Ascent:  1887m**


We shall assemble in the picturesque village of North Curry in Somerset, only a stonesthrow from Taunton, at 07:30 on Sunday morning. Here we shall register, prep. our bikes, and get ready to ride. After our ride briefing, its out and on to the course. Grand Tour Cycling will supply support vehicles on the course, riding leaders in attendance on the course, and 2 feed stations. You will be timed on the course, and event timings will be published on the web on completion of the event. Our waymarking is careful and copious - so it should give you ample opportunity to savour the course, and those climbs without getting lost. But of course - you must stay alert - just a moments lapse of concentration could see you missing a junction! This ride takes in 4 main climbs over 4 main ranges of hills - and is a true test - epic in every way...

We think Somerset offers some of the finest riding in the country... what do you think?




07:15 - 08:00 - Event Registration

07:30 Onwards - Refreshments Available

08:15 - First Wave Depart

08:40 - Final Riders Leave

17:00 - Last Riders Must be back at Event HQ - Support Wagon will sweep up any late arrivals at final feed station

18:19 - Sunset

Special Notes

There will be extensive waymarking on the course - indicating both junctions and confirming straight on  markers on extended straight sections.

Included In Trip

Feed Stations, Parking at start of Event (limited number of spaces), Toilets at start, and en route, Cycle Leaders on course, Support Vehicles, Event Timing,  Pre Event Cycle Event Hotline

Event Safety

It is your responsibility to thoroughly check the proper operation of your bicycle prior to the event. It is also your responsibility to ride safely at all times on the course - this especially applies to any downhill sections - where you need to keep your speed under control, and taking care at any time you overtake another rider. This ride is on open roads - and whilst we attempt to use smaller roads, you need to be courteous to other road users.

Ride Course & Road Conditions

The road conditions are generally excellent - however, in certain circumstances there could be mud on sections of the ride. These rural sections of the ride are part of the character of a true country Sportive. This will be especially the case if there has been a lot of rain prior to the ride, so be prepared with good hard wearing and recently replaced tyres - that's our advice. 

Booking Form

Please Click Here for the Event Booking Form. Please fill in, and return to us scanned / photographed / or by post. You can then send payment by cheque, or call us on 01823 444 246 to make payment.


Altitude Profile








Cycle Hire

Grand Tour Cycling Cycle Hire

GTC is pleased to offer good quality reliable sports hybrid or road/race bikes for hire. These bikes are available in a range of sizes, and are fitted with Shimano running gear, and nice slim wheels - ideal for high speed mile munching! You should provide your own cycling helmet (although we can hire out also), and small multi tool. We offer these bikes at a trip rate of £16 - £19 per day. Please call us to discuss - 01460 249191! We'll need your height and inside leg measurement, and we can get you all sorted out.

Safety & Medical

Safety Information

You must stay in contact with your leader at each stage of the ride. Briefings will be made each morning. You must always wear your helmet. Your leader is First Aid Qualified - and will carry a full expedition first aid kit. There will also be a support vehicle available in case of emergency - but this is only useful if you are in contact with the vehicle / leader. There are safety briefings in our Ride Joining Instructions, please ensure you read carefully. Also please note the following:

Always ride on the correct side of the road, tucked in appropriately.

Generally always ride single file - and do not antagonise other road users.

Keep your hands on the handlebars, and poised near your brakes.

Always space off from other riders - this is the number one root cause of accidents - being too close to each other.

Never ride with earphones.

Never consume alcohol during the day on a ride.

Medical Issues

Please note, it is extremely important for this physical challenge that you are in good health. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consider carefully whether you should be joining the challenge. Please ensure you fill in the booking form accurately and honestly, this is important. In the case of serious conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, recent illness or operations), please discuss the challenge with your GP. Please also ensure you notify us of any allergies or similar.

It requires stamina and good aerobic fitness - but good willpower will also come in handy! Failure to disclose medical conditions is a serious omission - that could have serious repercussions on any of our challenges.

Special Notes

Please note your leader and support driver will do their very best to keep you safe and well on this trip. But you should listen carefully to their briefings. It is their role to identify to you the safest way to get through this ride, and to keep an eye on you and your wellbeing. Please take seriously any suggestions or comments they may make to you - it is for your wellbeing!

Fitness Level - Important!
TAKE YOUR TRAINING SERIOUSLY - It could jeopardize your ability to complete your event!
Measure: This is dependent trip by trip - but certainly for most of our Grand Tour Rides you should be used to riding at 15 mph and above for extended periods. If you have any concerns regarding your fitness levels give GTC a call for advice and support or consult a cycling coach/professional

Kit List

Please note this kit list is generic to all of our rides. It may be tailored for your particular ride - you will receive a trip specific list in your Ride Joining Instructions. On Point to Point journies - you will find that there is limited space on board the support vehicle. Please help us by bringing a sensible amount of personal gear.

Bike Items
Road Bike / Hybrid Bike (with Touring Tyres) - please call us for guidance on type of bike on a trip by trip basis
Water Bottles (bladder system/cycle water bottles)
Cycling Gloves
Bike Lock
Neck Scarf
Small Holdall (for overnight gear)
Bike Lights (front and rear, head torch can be worn)
Saddle Bag (recommended - can be used to carry asterisk* items)
Duck Tape (small folded piece off the reel)
Puncture Repair Kit
Cable Ties*
Bell or Horn on your bike - Louder the better!
2 x Inner Tubes*
Tyre Levers x2
Brake Blocks
Multi-Tool (with allen keys)*
Cleaning Rag
Spare parts for your bike (spokes, and other specialist parts for your bike)
Bike Pump (suitable for your valve type - small pump to carry with you)
Helmet (compulsory)
Cycle Bag / Cardboard Box for Transportation (not rigid boxes)
Parcel Tape - if required to re-box your bike

Personal Medikit
Insect Repellant
Rehydration Salts

Pack Towel (lifesystems recommended)
Soap (small bar)
Shampoo (not a full size bottle!)
Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Warm Clothing
Medium Weight Fleece / Softshell
Lightweight Fingered Gloves
Fleece Hat / Balaclava - in case of very cold conditions (relevent to mountain rides)

Cycle / Overnight Clothing
Lycra Cycling Shorts
Cotton Shorts
Long Cycling Trousers (Tights/Tracksuit Bottoms)
Cotton T-Shirts for evening
Short Sleeve Cycling T-Shirts (Dryflo type material) or Cycle Top with rear pockets
Long Sleeve T-Shirt - preferably white for hot sunny destinations
Cycling Shoes 
Sandals / Casual Shoes for after ride
1 Set Casual Evening Wear
1 Pair Cotton Trousers

Waterproof Clothing
1 Outer Fully Waterproof Jacket (gore-tex, e-vent) - comfortable to cycle in
1 Pair Outer Waterproof Bottoms (optional)

Camera & Memory Card
Travel Documents
EHIC Card (European Health Insurance card)
Personal Travel Insurance (compulsory)
Credit Cards
Local Currency
Mobile Phone (programmed with leader's number)
Snacks for Cycling Days (dried fruits, nuts, flapjacks, cereal bars etc)

Make sure you do not ‘over pack’ - bring only what is essential for the trip

A final kit list will be provided in your ‘Final Joining Instructions’ pre-departure. Particularly on Point to Point journies - you will find that there is limited space on board the support vehicle. Please help us by bringing a sensible amount of personal gear.

What Riders Are Saying

Over the many years of organising Cycle Tours, Challenges, Events and Expeditions, we have gathered a wide range of complements about our organisation, and our style. Please see what people are saying about our rides below. Feel free to ask for more specific comments, and also please take a look through our Facebook Group - which has lots of direct feedback from our riders...


"What a fantastic experince and superb trip.  A huge thanks to you and the team for making it such an amazing experience.  We met some great people and made some long term friends.
The ride around the course topped off the whole trip and watching as Froome went by was a memory i will always cherish. Myself and Dave, together with Steve, Graham, Lou, Anne, Ben and Paul are interested in another trip.  I'm sure there will be others who could make up a good group.  We are thinking of possible June next year. Once again a huge thankyou and catch up soon. " - Paul - Tour de France London to Paris Special.

"I would like to express my gratitude towards this dedicated team. Its amazing how these people can fully integrate with foreigners to fulfill their needs. We had very helpful backup and super leaders A special thanks goes to Jason who successfully lead team A from London to Paris with lots of nice memories, smiles and encouragement along the way. Also at his spare time each night, he mended my bruised knee with patience... much appreciated and bruise is healing quickly. I truly highly recommend these people as they simply rock !!! Looking forward to see you in the near future!" - Paul - London Brussels Paris 2014

"A massive thank you to Jason , and Rob for safely guiding 'Group B' from Munich to Venice. To quote the 'you tube' clip, it really is "The ride of your life", you have provided a lifetime of memories, and i look forward to the next part of the journey." Malcolm Munich to Venice 2013

 "Thanks to Richard McLaughlin and GTC for a fantastic Romanian Adventure. Amazing scenery, great roads and oh so different from the usual European cycling. Having cycled in the Alps, Pyrenees and the Dolomites it will be Romania calling in 2014......" - Yvonne - Transfagarasan Highway 2013

"...just thanking you for an absolute epic trip to mont Ventoux in France. Completing the triple ascent in a day and achieving the acclaimed Cingles was awesome. 4,500 metres of ascent in about 11 hours was very challenging and the wind and light snow at the summit made it even more interesting. Looking forward to more 5 star fitness cycling challenges!" - Marc - Mont Ventoux Triple - 2013

"Massive thank you to Richard for a totally fantastic trip to Mont Ventoux. Beautiful location, epic leg busting climbs and views from the summit to die for. The Cingles triple ascent was an awesome challenge leaving an overwhelming sense of achievement, not to mention complete respect for "The Giant of Provence". Enjoyed every moment, even suffering like a dog on the last climb (see rule 5 - Man Up!!)
Super challenge and super support - I can't wait to see what epic challenges you have in store for 2014..." - Dan - Mont Ventoux Triple - 2013

 “Great Adventures  with a great bunch of people. The leadership and support structure make sure everyone is safe and sound. They like to push you to your limits so make sure you are fit and healthy. I have already organised my 2013 trips with Adventure café” - Anthony - Alp Experience Ride 2013



Grand Tour of Somerset Route Map (long)